Silicon coating glass food container

ec944ce7fe0a527322ba2b834ea283eb e46336dd7a3b9fcaaf90c10d1955b297 ad5dfbbc84344a623c23f3b84e764219-300x3001.Silicon coating creat good protection for glass food containers even borken since the borken glass pieces be wrapped into the silicon coating so never splash out and hurt people .Better for using in Gem .Especially strong recommend for people who love sports and life taste in high level .

2.Silicon coating liquide from material of baby nipple .100% food safety standard so can meet different food safety standard in FDA ,LFGB ,DCGGRF .
3.Siliocn coating add the friction of bottom of glass vessles creat good stablity of the glass vessles even on the inclined table surface .

4.Silky feeling silicon coating let you feel very comfortable when you hold bottles or glass food containers .
5.Silicon coating can be done customized color according to panton number .
6. We can fire high temperature decal on the silicon coating and it can pass dishwasher safety .So you
7.Let you enjoy your safety and colorful life

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