Original Factory Cold Brewing Tea Maker - Double Wall Glass Tumbler SKU NO.11238 – SJZ JINXUAN

Enjoy Your Drinking Time

One cup of hot mocha or cappuccino coffee make you are infatuated with the aroma. One cup of cold coffee with ice give you sublime joys. Just follow your feeling to enjoy your own coffee or not or cold. Special double wall glass let hot stays longer hot and cold stays longer cold.

Unique Double Walled Glass Design

This unique design keep your fingers safe and cool even with hot or cold drinks, so beverages stay warm or cold without your fingers getting burnt.

Heat Resistant Glass

This kind of glass is made of borosilicate glass tub in expansion coefficient 3.3*10-6/K. Wonderful heat resistance and thermal shock character of borosilicate glass are just right for coffee and tea, catering or bar use as well as frozen desserts.

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